Meknes - Action Research—or teacher-initiated classroom research—is often seen by practitioners as a valuable form of continuing professional development. It is a way of promoting lifelong learning; that is, it seeks to improve the practitioners’ understanding of classroom environment (teaching and learning) and to bring about development to classroom practice and theory as well. Teachers who take part in Action Research (AR) can often become more confident and knowledgeable of subject matter, collect and use evidence properly, and encounter raised dilemmas in the classroom intelligently. However, AR does not necessarily improve the quality of practice in classroom. It may lead to the understanding of practical issues for some, but it can also lead to confirmation of existing practice for others. In this regard, the focus of this essay will be on the role of Action Research in developing teachers professionally. To put it simply, how can AR contribute to teachers’ professional development?

Hicham Dahmani is an M.