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World Cup’s Muslim Players on the horns of a dilemma as Ramadan starts

Taroudante-  Many Muslim players whose teams have made it to the final 16 in the World Cup in Brazil face a dilemma over observing the holy month of Ramadan or eat to “boost their performance” on the field.

A number of Muslim football players, found on many different national teams like France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, have to put their faith to the test.

Algeria, the second Muslim team who made it to the next round with Nigeria, has weighed its religious convictions against any potential effects fasting can have on the performance of its players.

As the World Cup enters the knockout stage, and despite Algeria’s rivalry against Germany, its next opponent, Adel al-Haji, the team’s media official, said that the players have decided to fast during training.

The media official also added that players have to choose for themselves whether or not to fast during their game against Germany.

According to BeinSport, the Algerian football players have received an official authorization from their country to eat during their game against Germany.

“We need to discuss it among ourselves,” Algeria’s Djamel Mesbah said, quoted by the Guardian.

“It’s clear that our religion is very important for the team, so we will talk about it and see how to go forward,” he added.

The Algerian Football Union said that each player will receive about 80 thousands Euros if they win over Germany.

Given the humidity and heat in Brazil, in addition to the hard physical effort that football demands, fasting during games can be a real challenge for Muslim players.

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