Casablanca - The High Commission for Planning (HCP) has recently published its 2012 regional accounts report, which clearly shows large inequalities and gaps between the regions' participation in maintaing Morocco’s wealth. According to the report, only four regions (Casablanca, Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer, Haouz -Marrakech –Tensift and Chaouia-Ouardigha) contribute to more than half of the national wealth.Mehdi Lahlou, a teacher at the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics, was quoted by Moroccan french magazine Telquel as saying: "these statistics are quite predictable to the extent that nothing has been done to improve regional balancing."The growing unevenness between these four regions and the other ten is causing financial issues for the Kingdom of Morocco.Household consumption figures show that the most spendthrift regions are also those that contribute most to GDP. Corruption is another leading factor that pushes Morocco’s economy downward.The four listed regions are regarded as Morocco’s foundations in terms of its economy, however, they do not stop the country from suffering through economic crises.The contribution of each region to Morocco's Gross Domestic Product:

Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, The High Commission for Planning (HCP)
Fatine Meziane Elotmani is a student journalist at the Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies (ILCS) in Rabat.