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ISESCO Slams International Community’s Failure to Stop Israeli Crimes in Gaza

Rabat – The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) on Thursday condemned the inability of the international community, with all its institutions, to stop the latest heinous crimes Israeli forces have been perpetrating in the Gaza Strip for more than 25 days now.

“Such a feeble stand by major powers and international organizations, along with their double-standard policy toward various international issues, only further emboldens Israel to go ahead with its arrogance and its defiance of international law and relevant conventions”, ISESCO Director General, Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, said in a statement.

Dr Altwaijri hailed the courageous humanitarian stance taken by some Latin American countries in this regard, and called on the free world and lovers of justice and peace everywhere to intensify their efforts to expose and try to stop such crimes of Israel for the sake of world peace and security.

The Director General reminded that Israeli aircrafts, tanks and missiles have targeted women and children, schools and residential buildings, and power plant and vital facilities, including UNRWA schools where dozens of children, women and elderly have been massacred.

On this occasion, ISESCO Director General called on the Member States to act according to the charters of the Arab League and the OIC and come immediately to the rescue of the Palestinian people in Gaza, who are being subjected to the most atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity amidst the indifference of the whole world.

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