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Morocco’s Minister of Higher Education: Students Must Master English to Access Science Universities

Taroudant, Morocco – After various statements made by Lahcen Daoudi, Minister of Higher Education, in which he highlighted the importance of English for students aspiring to build a bright future, the Moroccan official has reportedly signed a circular making it obligatory for scientific students to master English language before they can be admitted in science Universities.

According to Radio Deluxe, Lahcen Daoudi said “I just signed a circular and all those who do not master English will no longer have access to scientific, technical and economic universities starting from January 1, 2015.”

Replying to the statement of the Radio Delux, “Grand Oral” presenter, who regards this circular as “discriminatory”, Mr. Lahcen Daoudi said “English is the language of science, and we cannot teach science without this language.”

“We are already too late,” the Minister said. “Imagine that in engineering school, we train engineers who do not master English,” the minister added.

For Mr. Daoudi, it is unacceptable to have graduate engineers who do not master English.

“A doctor in economy who doesn’t speak English, it is not normal,” he said

Lahcen Daoudi previously announced that the government is moving to boost the position of English in Moroccan universities, stressing that English is the language of scientific research, and it is the solution for Morocco’s scientific research to advance.

Having said that “French is no longer valid,” the minister also said that Arabic is important only because it is the language of the Quran, calling all students who are aspiring to join the professional and academic community to learn English.

The new statement of the minister of higher education is sparking controversy among social media users.

Some hailed the Minister’s decision and said it is likely to boost the presence of English in the Moroccan education system while others dismissed as “arbitrary and discriminatory.”

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