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Casablanca’s Sindibad Amusement Park To Reopen In 2015

RabatSindibad Amusement Park of Casablanca, Morocco’s only amusement park, will officially reopen in the first quarter of 2015, with a complete package of entertainment, according to Telquel.

The Sindibad Amusement Park originally opened in 2006, before it had to close its doors for modifications. Today, the park seems to be ready to host hordes of tourists and locals who will come to enjoy a variety of traditional rides and activities, according to the owner of Group Alliances, Alami Lazrek.

In a press release, Alami Lazrek said that prices will be affordable for everyone. “The ticket prices have been determined to be estimated at MAD25 ($2.90 US) per person and MAD 70 ($8.10 US) for a family of four members.”

Lazrek added that the Sindibad Park includes free games, along with paid games whose ticket price will be estimated at MAD 15 ($1.80 US).

The Sindibad Amusement Park has been given a new lease on life. In addition to the amusement park that attracts visitors with the enjoyable rides such as the roller coaster, dizzying dodgems, slides and paddle boats, there will be a zoo, and an archaeological park.

The zoo is said to cover the half of the whole park, and will exhibit animal species from five continents.

The project will also offer hotels located near the coast, with views of the bay of Casablanca, in addition to shops, a clubhouse, a beach club, and a forest with picnic areas, as well as circuits dedicated for walking and cycling.

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