Marrakech - School is not only a place of knowledge, but a place of motivation, inspiration and creation. If teachers are able to look at students as people before coming to school, they will be able to recognize that it’s not the school’s purpose to make students make something of their lives. Teachers will then see the need to inspire students to be creative and successful instead of bombarding them with lectures and homework.To help students along their desired life path, teachers and adults in general need to encourage and inspire them by providing them with appropriate help in achieving their goals. However this should be done only when necessary in order to foster independence in each individual student.Teachers discouraging students with fierce words can be as harmful as swords, converting teachers from inspiration and assistances into obstacles towards students’ goals. Some teachers highlight negative points and shortcomings in students without recognizing their strong and positive attributes. So it’s time for some Moroccan teachers, or rather people in general, to appreciate the good in others while shifting their focus away from shortcomings in their personalities.To better express this message, take the analogy of a bee eye over a fly eye as an example. That is to say, a bee eye, which is stemmed from the hardworking nature of bees, is appreciated more than a fly eye. As we know, bees are attracted to beautiful things like flowers and nectar and are never drawn to foul smelling rubbish. On the contrary, flies always choose rubbish and dirty things. Therefore, if people have a bee eye they will highlight the positive attributes in others and encourage them to go forward. Those with a fly eye will only see shortages in others.In several countries, people have started to realize and embrace the role of inspirational speakers in life and recognize that no one can benefit from pessimism and discouragement. Systems in some countries, like the United States, invite inspirational speakers into their schools to speak about reaching their goals despite life’s difficulties.They invite them not to teach, but simply to speak. To speak about success in life to others may be more important than teaching them how to succeed in life because it is motivational and inspirational.It then becomes appropriate to mention one of the most famous inspirational speakers, Nick Vujicic. This speaker is known for having no arms and no legs and has given inspiring speeches in several universities and schools in the United States. He talks frequently to students on how they can overcome difficulties and live up to their potentials. One of his videos is posted at the end of the article to provide an example of the extent to which inspirational speeches can actually work.Thus, when dealing with our friends, students, and members of our families, we should make sure that we encourage their efforts and support them in following their plans for a successful life, for individual success is not personal, but social. The success of an individual is at the same time the success of the society.To pave the way for a supportive society and a successful system of education that caters to an individual’s psychological health, schools should develop programs that invite inspirational speakers from around the world to Moroccan schools and institutions to talk to students about their experience with success and the way they can fight against hopelessness and discouragement.Instead of inviting thousands of singers, it’s better to invite hundreds of inspirational speakers, be it Moroccans or foreigners, to inspire students and encourage them to live up to their fullest potential.