Rabat- The prices of oil products in Morocco, namely diesel oil, premium gasoline, fuel oil n2, fuel oil n2 ONE and special fuel will fall as of Feb. 1, 2015, the Ministry of General Affairs and governance announced on Saturday. The price of diesel oil will decline by 15 cents per liter to reach 7.88 MAD/liter, while the price of premium gasoline will drop by 7 cents per liter to reach 8.91 MAD/liter, the ministry said in a statement. The prices of fuel oil n2 and fuel oil n2 ONE will go down 93.25 MAD/ton to reach 3,051.03 MAD/ton and 93.27 MAD/ton to 2,849.47 MAD/ton respectively. The special fuel price will fall by 335.81 dirhams per ton to reach 3,318.49 MAD/ton, it said.