Madrid - The Congress of Deputies expressed Tuesday its support for the interior ministry's decision to refuse asylum sought by Polisario Supporter Hassana Aalia who was sentenced in 2013 to life by the Moroccan justice system as part of Gdeim Izik events trial.The Interior committee at the Spanish parliament's lower house opposed, thanks to votes by the majority People's Party (PP), a non-legislative proposal urging the government to reconsider its decision to refuse political asylum requested by Hassana. According to the PP parliamentary group, this proposal, which was submitted by opposition parties, is arbitrary and has no legal basis. Spain had rejected on Jan. 19 the asylum request by Hassana Aalia who is wanted by the Moroccan justice system after sentencing him on Feb 17, 2013 for life imprisonment for involvement in events linked to the dismantling of Laayoun Gdeim Izik camp. Nine people sued for their implication in the said events, including the accused who is on the run since the incidents, were given life sentences. Four others got 30-year imprisonment, eight got 25 years and 2 others had 20 years. The convicts were sued for forming a criminal gang, and violence against law enforcement officers leading to death with premeditation and participation. The said events, which date back to November 2010, claimed the lives of 11 law enforcement officers and wounded 70 among them.