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Rabat Following are some unique photos, displaying the fabulous charm of the Moroccan life style in the 1960’s and 1980’s.

casablanca airport
Casablanca airport in 1963
Amazigh family
Amazigh family
miss tahiti 1982 in casablanca
Miss Tahiti 1982 in Casablanca
moroccan soldiers
Moroccan Goumiers in 1943. They were soldiers who served in auxiliary units attached to the French Army of Africa, between 1908 and 1956.
moroccan women from Tetouan with veil
Moroccan women from Tetouan with typical Moroccan dress
moroccan women in traditional dress
Moroccan female students in class learning embroidery
quranic school
Moroccan students memorizing Quran, Muslims holy book
swimming pool in casablanca
Swimming pool in Casablanca
tangier beach
Tangier beach
the rolling stones in morocco
The rolling stones in Morocco in the 60s

Credit: Happy Knowledge