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Mauritania Expels Algerian Diplomats Over article Against Morocco

Rabat – Mauritania has reportedly expelled an Algerian diplomat for attempting to trouble the relations between Rabat and Nouakchott.

On Wednesday evening, the First Counselor at the Algerian Embassy in Nouakchott, Belkacem Cherouati, was expelled from Mauritanian. Mauritanian government accused him of being behind the publication of  an article on a local news website, which “undermines the external relations of Muritania,” reported Al-Jazeera, citing security sources.

Mauritanian government said in a statement following Cherouati ‘s deportation, that ” Belkacem Cherouati intervened in the internal affairs of Mauritania, ” adding that this act ” doesn’t respect the standards of diplomacy”.

According to Al jazeera, the article claimed that Mauritania has filed a complaint against Morocco to the United Nations accusing it of “flooding the Mauritanian-Moroccan borders with drugs.”

The article was published on the Mauritanian news website Al-Bayan El-Souhoufi. The websites’s managing editor, Ibrahim Ahmed Ould Moulaye, was reportedly arrested for being “manipulated by Algeria against Morocco,” reported Mauritania’s news website Al-Akhbar.

According to the same source, the initial investigations revealed that Ibrahim Ahmed Ould Moulaye was allegedly incited by Algerian diplomat Belkacem Cherouati to publish the article. Ibrahim Ahmed Ould Moulaye reportedly met the Algerian diplomat before the publication of the article.

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