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An Imam Accuses Nabil Ayouch of Inciting Moroccans to Debauchery

Nabil Ayouch Film Much Loved
Lustful lap dancing scene in Ayouch’s much controversial film “Much Loved”

Rabat- Nabil Ayouch’s film about prostitution continues to stir outrage in Morocco with an Imam accusing the film of inciting debauchery.

An excerpt from a sermon was posted to YouTube of Sheikh Yahya Mdaghri in which the Muslim preacher discussed Nabil Ayouch’s newest film “Much Loved (Zine Li Fik)” which chronicles the daily life of four marginalized prostitutes in the city of Marrakech.

The Imam, who delivered the sermon in a mosque in Sale, near the capital Rabat, lambasted the French-Moroccan director, saying his recent film “incites debauchery and encourages Moroccans to practice pornography and illegitimate sexual relations.”

“A few days ago, I held my head in my hands while listening to [Ayouch] defending his pornographic film, […] saying that he is conveying a message through which he wants to be remembered by Moroccans,” the Imam said.

“Indeed, you have conveyed your message, the message of your lord Iblis (the devil in Islam), Allah’s curse be upon him,” he added.

“Is this acting?” the imam said referring to the nudity scenes and obscene language contained in Nabil Ayouch’s film. “A stranger kisses a woman in the film before taking her to bed both naked, is this acting?” he asked.”

“They present Zina (adultery) to society as acting and we call them stars and we organize festivals to honor them.”

Clips from Nabil Ayouch’s film posted to social media platforms have caused uproar among Moroccans, generating over countless dislikes from viewers on YouTube over the course of just few days. A Facebook page has also been created openly calling for the “execution” of Loubna Abidar, who played the film’s main character, Nouha, and director Nabil Ayouch Within hours, the page has attracted nearly 700 likes.

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