Rabat - Morocco is one of the most ancient political and social entities in the African continent and in the world, its known history is almost 4000 years old, with its Amazigh native population even ruling Egypt as pharoahs in past history.[i] It had contacts with the Phoenicians in 1100 BC and, at the same time, its first contact with Judaism brought along with these peaceful merchants. The Phoenicians established trade centers along the coasts, Lixus on the mouth of the river of the same name , in the north, in the outskirts of the city of Larache. The Phoenicians also built trade centers in Tingis (Tangier), Zili (Asilah), Sala (Salé) and Mogador (Essaouira).

King Mohammed VI offering the Holy Koran to the faithful during his June 2015 visit to Africa: religious diplomacy at work
Dr Mohamed Chtatou is a professor at the University of Mohammed V in Rabat.