Rabat - The Moroccan Ministry of Education made an unprofessional error when it used in this year’s exam administered to baccalaureate candidates a text taken from Morocco World News, but which it attributed to a different source. The text used in an exam administered to students, was authored by Omar Bihmidine, a former correspondent with MWN in southern Morocco, and published in Morocco World News on February 3, 2013. Entitled “The Plague of Under-Age Marriage in Morocco,” the text addressed the ordeal of women and girls who are forced to marry at an early age. This is the second MWN text that has been used in this year’s Baccalaureate exam by the Ministry of Education. The first text, used in an exam administered to candidates of science on the first day of the exam, was correctly attributed to MWN, but the second one was attribute to a different source. While MWN’s editorial board is delighted that MWN material is being used as a reference for Moroccan baccalaureate students, it expresses its disappointment at the lack of diligence shown by the Ministry of Education’s personnel in charge of choosing the exam topics by failing to attribute the material to the correct source. A simple click on Google would have shown the Ministry staff that the source of the text was MWN rather than Magharebia.com, the website cited by the Ministry as the source of article, which has stopped 7 month. The article is copyrighted by Morocco World News and it is the duty of the Ministry to indicate its original source.

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