Kenitra - Two years ago, Muhammed Hbida, a professor of history and anthropology and a researcher at Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra said “What is brought up for discussion lately about Arabic and… [the] call [for] adopting Darija as an academic language (for writing and learning purposes), does not need sharp reactions but rather calm discussions.” Professor Hbida continued, “This issue recalls the debate on Latin which lost its social status and role [of] local [language] varieties during the Renaissance in different parts of Europe. But these varieties had regained their status amongst vital languages thanks to the considerable efforts of linguists who established their rules. As such, they were imposed on people and universities.”

Darija or Standard Arabic. Morocco World News
Photo Credit: Nahla Bendefaa/Morocco World News
Abdallah Zbir holds a Teacher Diploma in Arabic Language and Literature from Teachers Training Center.