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Moroccan Elected President of “African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe”

Moroccan Elected President of African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe

By Sanaa Afouaiz

Paris – African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE) held its General Assembly on June 8-10 in Vienna to elect a new president and board members for the next two years.

ADYNE is a platform of organizations led and driven by young Africans and fellow youth with African backgrounds living in Europe with the main aim of serving interests of young people all over Europe.

The General Assembly of ADYNE is held once every three years and is attended by representatives from organizations of more than thirty European countries as well as members of ADYNE. In the General Assembly, delegates and representatives discuss the current overall situation of African youth and their inclusion on the political, economic and social levels in Europe. The delegates vote for the different decisions taken by ADYNE including the structures, policies and activities.

Mohamed Yassine Ennaem was elected as President of the “African Youth Network in Europe” for the second time. This young Moroccan has been working for the African cause through rich history associative work. He was a trainer, mentor, and speaker with an African focus in more than 20 countries worldwide. Meanwhile he was representing Morocco in different international high-level discussions.

Moroccan Elected President of African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe

Yassine holds a Diplomat in International Business, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the American College and an MBA from the European University in Cyprus. He also served as Interpreter at the Asylum Service  from 2007 through 2012.

Yassine is permanent member of the Africa-Europe Youth Platform on behalf of ADYNE. Previously, he served as president of the international students in Cyprus from 2008 though 2012. He was representative and trainer of the Cyprus Youth Council and as an experienced project coordinator and youth trainer; he has worked with the North South Center of the Council of Europe, the youth department of the Council of Europe and the Pan African Youth Union. In addition, he has taken part in numerous conferences, summits and debates relating to immigration, migration and active citizenship, role of diaspora, identity, culture and religion.

In his speech during the election, Yassine said, “I believe that Africa has been waiting too long for the right generation that will lift it up, and I do believe that this is the generation that Africa has been waiting for.”

Moroccan Elected President of African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe

He highlighted his vision and his commitment to make ADYNE a network that connects organizations and individuals to collaborate and actively participate as global citizens to shape the lives of African Diaspora in Europe. He promised to provide a space for individuals and organizations to exchange and share similar interests, goals and aspirations.

Yassine assured that he will offer strategic support for capacity-building, networking and the dissemination of good practices for youth and he accented  to voice the concerns of its member organizations through submission of their recommendations to the European, African and international institutions.

Yassine concluded by saying, ”Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success.”

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