Rabat - Today, 4th of July, the United States of America is celebrating, with much pride and joy, its Independence Day, Morocco, on the other hand, is celebrating over two centuries of uninterrupted good relations of friendship and beneficial exchange in total respect with his country. Morocco, at the heyday of its imperial might in Africa, recognized within hours the independence of the U.S. and extended its protection to the vessels of this country from the pirates of the Barbary Coast. Today, the U.S. considers Morocco not only as a friend but most importantly as an ally and an important political player in the unstable Arab World and a model for Islam in the Muslim World which is torn apart by radicalism and violence. Both countries have embarked lately in an earnest way on a fruitful strategic cooperation that will hopefully perpetuate understanding and goodwill between the two countries, in the centuries to come.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco meeting with American President Barack Obama. Western Sahara
Dr Mohamed Chtatou is a professor at the University of Mohammed V in Rabat.