El Jadida - The Internet revolution has produced new social identities and relations our offline so-called postmodern world does not seem to be equipped thus far to deal with. The world has not yet assimilated how people, while connected, can melt into electric wires and cables that may transform their solid identities into plastic liquid data-based social cyborgs. The story of Simo and Rebecca is a good case in point. Why has Rebecca travelled to Morocco? Is a six-month virtual relationship enough to benumb Rebecca and put her on a so-called hasty secret flight to Morocco? The answer lies in the miracles the new technology ushers us into. The online world can domesticate the alien and radicalize the familiar; it dissolves cultural political and ideological boundaries between nations, religions and cultures. In the virtual world, domestic allegiances and restrictions may collapse in front of new strongly magnetic hypnotizing transnational allegiances. This is the social research that has to be vulgarized to the Average American to dissipate his fears from the mythic Other.

Rebecca and her Moroccan boyfriend
Mohamed El Adala was trying to soothe Rebecca, his American girlfriend.