Visit important religious sitesPalestine is home to some of Islam's holiest sites. Al Aqsa (the Noble Sanctuary), considered the third holiest site in Islam, in Jerusalem, hosts Al Aqsa Mosque, where the Prophet Muhammad led other Prophets in prayer during the Night Journey, and the Dome of the Rock, where he ascended to heaven, according to Islamic teachings. The fourth holiest Islamic site is also found in Palestine. Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi, the Sanctuary of Abraham (Tomb of the Patriarchs) is in the old city of Hebron. This 1000-year-old Mosque is home to the tombs of Prophets Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and their wives Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, and that of Prophet Joseph. Muslims also believe Muhammed visited this site on his Night Journey.

Five Reasons to Spend Your Next Ramadan in Palestine
Koos Mohammed is a freelance writer and a human rights activist based in London.