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Think Tank Labels Morocco’s Refugee Children in Sweden as Criminals

Rabat – International think tank the Gatestone Institute has accused Moroccan refugee children in Sweden of theft, petty larceny, pick pocketing, and muggings.

In a report released on Thursday, the Gatestone Institute labeled refugee children from Moroccan origins as criminals and drug addicts, even though those children are aged between 12 and 16.

“The Moroccan boys commit crimes such as theft, petty larceny, pick pocketing, and muggings, but the authorities do not know how to handle the kids who decline the help offered by the Swedish state,” said the report.

The report noted that 381 Moroccan children sought asylum in Sweden last year. “They are usually street children from Tangiers or Casablanca, who started doing drugs at an early age, and they distrust all authorities,” said the report.

However, they had no grounds for asylum, as Morocco is not at war.

Still, the report claimed that before their applications are denied,”they often run away from the refugee homes, to roam the streets of Stockholm.”

The Gatestone Institute estimated the number of homeless Moroccan refugees in Sweden at 200 children.

It went to add that they are roaming the streets of Stockholm committing crimes and smoking hashish, and “are completely uncomprehending of the Swedish attitude towards drugs.”

The report quoted a local police officer as saying that those children should be “locked up in institutions, but that is just short term, to save individual lives. I think we need national coordination to get at this problem.”

The Gatestone Institute criticized the Swedish government, saying it should “refuse asylum to Moroccan street children and full-grown men posing as children.”

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