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Morocco: Head of Government Warns Drivers to Pay More Attention on Holidays


Rabat – Following an increase in deadly road accidents in Morocco, Head of the Government Abdelilah Benkirane has urged drivers to pay more attention on holidays to avoid harming innocent people.

“Drivers should be more careful and responsible while driving, so as not to turn their holidays into funeral ceremonies,” Benkirane warned while chairing the Government Council on Wednesday.

The Head of Government pointed out that drivers should respect the rules of the road, adding that traffic policemen should also double their efforts on holidays and make sure drivers respect the Highway Code, in order to improve road safety.

This statement comes at a time when Moroccan roads are witnessing a higher amount of deadly road accidents, almost on a daily basis, especially on holidays.

Last week (between August 10 and 16), there were over 1095 accidents across Morocco, killing 33 people and injuring 1509. 1095 of them had serious injuries, statistics say.

Road accidents in Morocco lead to more than 4000 deaths each year, an average of ten people every day, and cause an estimated at MAD 14 billion ($1.43 billion) in damage, or about 2% of the GDP.

Officials said that during the past three years, efforts to increase safety led to the saving of 841 lives and 3,117 seriously injured victims, and nearly 13,035 lives over a decade.

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