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4,000 Rescues Made On Moroccan Beaches Over Two months

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Rabat –  Lifeguards across Morocco were prompted to intervene more than 4000 times over two months, announced Morocco’s fire department on Thursday.

A statement by the Moroccan fire department said lifeguards made as many as 4,692 rescues of swimmers between June 1st and July 15th.  

The statement went on to add that in addition to leading awareness campaigns for bathers, the fire department mobilized over 2,000 seasonal lifeguards across the Moroccan coastal cities.

According to the same source, all the lifeguards are trained to perform water-rescue operations on beaches.

Despite its ongoing efforts to guarantee the safety of bathers across the 200 estimated beaches across Morocco, the Fire Department said swimmers are also responsible for their own lives and should take the necessary precautions for their safety.

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