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Moroccan Designer Turns Amazigh Carpets Into Fashion Collection

Rabat – Karim Adduchi has decided to pay tribute to his Amazigh heritage in his latest fashion collection called “She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings”.

The Amsterdam fashion designer of Moroccan origin transformed traditional Amazigh carpets into frayed and patterned garments, according to specialized website Dezeen.

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The carpets are curved and looped into structured skirts, while softer materials are draped to create oversized headdresses.

“My intention with this collection was to pay homage to my culture 100 per cent,” he told Dezeen. “Part of that was to bring the materials originally made by the tribes where I come from.”


Carpets, wool and leather have been incorporated into the garments. The carpets are made by knotting natural fibers while other versions are woven from wool, nylon and plastic.

With his collection, the Moroccan fashion designer wanted to tell the story of Berber women like his mother and grandmother. “I found it inspiring how these women find power in hiding, opposite to the western culture where exposing yourself is a sign of power,” he said.


“In the end it is easier to show than to hide, and there is respect and courage in still being beautiful with the mystery that comes from their own decision.”

The designer, who grew up in Barcelona, moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to study fashion at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, from which he graduated last year.

“The fashion scene in Amsterdam is mostly influenced by the big fashion capitals,” said Adduchi. “But it is growing, and that makes it exciting because there is more chance of creating new styles, but the same chance of making a mistake.”

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