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Moroccans Can Travel To 56 Countries Without a Visa

Fez – The latest rankings by Henley & Partners revealed that Moroccan citizens can travel to 56 countries without obtaining a visa.

According to Henley & Partners’ official website, “Visa Restrictions Index” is a global ranking of countries based on the travel freedom that their citizens enjoy.

In the “Visa Restrictions Index”, Morocco ranked 82 along with Benin, Cape Verde, and Kyrgyzstan whose citizens can also enter into 56 countries without visa requirements.

The most visited among the 56 countries that Moroccans can travel are:  Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Senegal, and Algeria.

Morocco precedes Egypt and Algeria whose citizens can only travel without authorization to 47 and 45 countries respectively.

Turkey and Tunisia outrank Morocco since their citizens can enter 102 and 63 countries respectively, without the need to get a consular permit.

Germany and Britain appear at the top of the list given that their citizens can travel into 173 countries without a visa.

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