Rabat - In a meeting of the Committee on Justice, Legislation, and Human Rights held November 3 at the House of Representatives in Rabat, the President of the Court of Auditors, Judge Driss Jettou, angrily accused several Ministries of delaying access to their accounts by Court of Auditors magistrates, according to Telquel."Some departments take up to three months to allow judges of the Court of Auditors to access their information," Jettou said. As an example, he listed the difficulties encountered by judges in accessing the accounts of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics; the Ministry of Energy and Mines; and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. These Ministries do not have any databases, Jettou argued, so timely access to their accounts is critical to the audit process.

Courts of Auditor: Morocco Must Reduce Deficit and Spending
Jawad Maniani obtained his M.