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Moroccan Royal Navy Conduct Joint Operations With U.S. Navy

New York – Military cooperation between Morocco and U.S. is in force. The Moroccan Royal Navy and the United States Navy are conducting a series of military exercises in a joint operation in the Atlantic Ocean.

The guided-missile destroyer of the U.S. Navy USS Gravely (DDG 107) and the Moroccan navy ship Sultan Moulay Ismail (FFG 614) led a joint maritime maneuver named “PASSEX 2015” on November 28, according to the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet website.

In the “PASSEX 2015”, naval forces of the Moroccan Royal Navy successfully boarded the American destroyer in a sequence of tactical exercises, the same source revealed, according to the same source .

The two ships exchanged teams and visited each other to allow an opportunity for training and learning with their counterpart naval crew.

“Participating in this PASSEX was a great chance to collaborate with a partner nation. When we take part in cooperative operations and exercises like this, it gives Sailors an opportunity to practice the duties they are trained to perform, which benefits everyone,” Commander Officer of the USS Gravely Alysa Ambrose said.

“It is interesting to meet our counterparts from across the globe, and discuss the differences in our cultures. Ultimately, the best part was seeing and understanding our similarities as fellow Sailors and war fighters,” Ens. Dan Evans, electrical officer of the USS Gravely highlighted.

The US Navy, which operates under the U.S. Department of Defense said that the maneuver tested the capacity of Moroccan navy ship Sultan Moulay Ismail.

The “PASSEX 2015” proved that the war frigate built for Morocco by the Netherlands in cooperation with Indonesia was able to navigate the high seas.

According to the same source, the Moroccan FFG 614 has a 76 mm Otobreda cannon, Mistral missiles, and an Exocet anti-ship.

The Moroccan frigate, built by the Dutch naval manufacturer Schelde, has been also equipped with a helicopter landing pad and hangar, as well as more powerful weapons, such as surface air missiles MBDA VL-MICA.

Passing exercises, the same source noted, build cooperation and communication between countries as well as ensure maritime safety in “multi-national environments”.

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