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Fez Hosts the International Artist Gathering on January 7 to 9

The Medina of Fez. The Gate of Rassif
The Medina of Fez. The Gate of Sidi Awad in Rassif

Fez – Fez will host the International Artist Gathering event from January 7 to 9. The event brings together artists and creative minds from across the globe for a three-day program of discussions and art presentations.

The International Artist Gathering will bring together artists from diverse cultures, disciplines, and practices from Morocco, Germany, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Fez Hosts the International Artist Gathering on January 7 to 9

The participants will take part in an international dialogue about Art Space, Fine Art Photography, Art in Sufism, and Contemporary Art. They will also present their works of poetry, painting, photography, and visual art in order to share different artistic perspectives, learn and present to a familiar audience.

Artists will also collaborate on future projects and open discussion to a wider audience in preparation for the International Art and Photography Festival, to be held in spring 2016 in Fez.

The program also includes a tour of the Old Medina of Fez where participants will visit galleries, art Spaces, and studios.

Omar Chennafi, founder and director of the International Artist Gathering told Morocco World News “the event is an opportunity to make artists come together, renew connections, encourage art sharing, and boost inspiration.”

“Choosing Fez to host the event was based on the fact that the city preserves and represents its ancient, sacred, contemporary, and progressive characteristics, which serve the themes that the event will discuss,” he added.

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