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Daher Aerospace to Open Third Plant in Morocco

Daher Aerospace Inaugurates 3rd Plant in Morocco
Daher Aerospace
Taroudante – The French manufacturer and supplier Daher, that develops integrated industrial systems for aerospace and advanced technologies, will open a third plant in Morocco in 2017.

Daher has opened the plant for an investment of over € 15 million, including the cost of the buildings and land, according to L’Usine Nouvelle.

The new plan will be built on an area of 10 000 m² with a possible extension of 15 000 m². It will manufacture metallic structures, composite structures, and aero engines.

After Tangier 1 and Casablanca, “Daher is now committed to further increase its presence in Morocco, investing in a third industrial site that will be close to Tangier Airport,” the group told L’Usine Nouvelle.

Daher is a fast-growing aerostructure manufacturer with four aerospace factories in France as well as three other factories in Australia, Mexico and Morocco.

The new plant is expected to employ “more than 250 additional employees”.

Daher is a supplier to Bombardier and other French manufacturers, including Airbus, ATR, Eurocopter and Dassault as its main aerospace customers.

In addition to Daher’s new plant, other aerospace manufacturing companies will reportedly launch plants in Casablanca, namely Bombardier, which is set to invest $200 USD by 2020, employing 800 people.

With this new plant, Daher will contribute to the recent boom in the aviation industry in Morocco.

Less than a month ago, the French aviation company Latécoère announced the launch of a new plant in Casablanca.

Stelia Aerospace, a company specializing in making large structures and components for aircraft, launched a production facility in Morocco last December.

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