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4G Internet Speed: Morocco Ranks First in Africa

Taroudant – Moroccan 4G coverage is relatively strong compared with other countries, according to newly published report by the British company OpenSignal specializing in mapping coverage of wireless networks.

The OpenSignal report, which collects data from millions of smartphone owners through its apps, revealed that Morocco has the best 4G coverage in Africa along with South Africa in terms of Long-Term Evolution network coverage, with 60 percent of the national territory served by the fourth generation of mobile technology.

LTE Coverage by country

In terms of average download speed, Morocco is 26th worldwide and first in Africa with its Mbps.

Morocco is ahead of the United Kingdom (29th, 15 Mbps), China (31th, 14 Mbps), Germany (34th, 14 Mbps), Japan (44th, 12 Mbps), Hong Kong (48th, 12 Mbps), and the United States (55th, 10 Mbps).

According to the report, the kingdom is well above the global average for LTE download speed, which is set at 13.5 Mbps.

LTE Speed by country

“That doesn’t mean LTE is a superior technology to Wifi — the most powerful 802.11ac networks can deliver connection speeds in excess of 1 Gbps,” the report said.

The report said that some countries like “South Korea and Singapore have set themselves apart from the main body of global operators, providing both superior coverage and speed.”

Singapore has the world’s fastest networks by far, averaging 37 Mbps, followed by New Zealand and Hungary with 29 Mbps and 28 Mbps respectively.

Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Iran appeared in the bottom of the ranking respectively with 3 Mbps.

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