Rabat - A theological question which had consequences on the politics and sociocultural possibilities in Muslim countries is whether men can or cannot partake in specificities of God. In other words, would claiming that men share some specificities with God be committing the sin of associationism or not? Surely God sees, hears, knows, says, has hands and feet, can sit, etc. Theologians argue that none of these faculties and attributes is like those men enjoy or can imagine and that these words are used only to make the Divine, that is inaccessible to normal Men, closer to their imagination and their mind. God knows. He refers to himself as the All knower, the One who knows everything. Actually, as everything is His creation, nothing can be unknown to Him.

Quran, Muslims Holy book. Photo by Morocco World News
Abdellatif Zaki is a professor of Languages and Communication at Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco.