Rabat - When you operate with several hats, as I often had to do, it happens to you to be in places and with people who would hardly meet or be part of the same events had your career been limited to a single occupation. It is for this reason, that I very often was in situations in which issues related to religion were discussed. While a few of these were highly structured official encounters addressing "Interfaith dialogue" among duly mandated religious figures, others were formal academic meetings of different genres and formats, others were rather informal talks among peers who think of themselves as intelligent enough to take the stakes so seriously as to invest money, time and energy to promote such exchanges wherever they hear they are being undertaken.

The three symbols of the Abrahamic religions featured together in one picture- a symbol of coexistence.
Abdellatif Zaki is a professor of Languages and Communication at Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco.