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MINURSO: Morocco Takes Note of Security Council Resolution

United Nations – Morocco takes note of Security Council Resolution 2285 extending the mandate of the MINURSO until 30 April 2017, Morocco’s Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, said Friday at United Nations headquarters.

“Morocco takes note the resolution, which reiterates the five fundamentals of negotiations to reach the settlement of this regional conflict which has lasted too long,” Hilale said in a statement at the press briefing following the Security Council vote.

These parameters reaffirmed by the executive body of the United Nations stressed that any solution to this issue “can only be political, consensual and based on compromise and realism, the preeminence of the Moroccan initiative and the efforts of Kingdom of Morocco. Hilale added that these efforts have been “recognized by the international community and the security Council as serious and credible, and the confirmation by the UNSC of the obsolescence and the burial of plans and proposals made by 2004.”

The UN executive adopted on Friday morning Resolution 2285, which extends MINURSO’a mandate for an additional year until April 30, 2017.

Though the resolution emphasized the need that the MINURSO return to full functionality, it provided for no punitive measure should Morocco refuse to allow the return of the UN mission’s civilian component.

In paragraph 3 of the resolution, the Council request “the Secretary-General to brief the Council within 90 days on whether MINURSO has returned to full functionality and expresses its intention, if MINURSO has not achieved full functionality, to consider how best to facilitate achievement of this goal.”

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