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Fez World Sacred Music Festival Honors Women

Rabat – The Fez World Sacred Music Festival hosted artists from around the world in an attempt to open a dialogue between religions, counter terrorism, and highlight the status of women throughout history.

The 22nd annual festival, which kicked off on Friday evening under the patronage of Princess Lalla Salma accompanied by Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser of Qatar, aims to pay tribute to the contributions of women in the development of Morocco throughout history.

This year’s festival is celebrated under the theme “Women Founders.”

Abderrafih Zouitene, president of the Fez Foundation and the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, said during a press conference that the main objective of the festival is to open a dialogue between religions, and to prove that Morocco is a country of coexistence, tolerance, and peace, in addition to correcting the negative image of Islam that has been formed after recent terrorist attacks.

The president of the festival also said that this year’s festival pays tribute to many Moroccan women who have made major contributions to their society.

Among these women that had a positive impact on the Moroccan society is Kenza El Awrabiya, the wife of Moulay Idris, who played a role in unification between the Amazigh people and the Arabs, which forms the basis of Moroccan society.

Also honored was Fatima Al Fihriya, the founder of Al Karaouine Mosque in Fez, which is regarded as the oldest degree granting university in the world.

Zouitene said that this year introduced a new concept, where each Festival honors one particular country. India, a country of such great history and culture, was the first country to be honored.

The 21st Fez Festival of World Sacred Music in 2015 was a great success. Many African artistic and musical groups performed and paid homage to the historic links between Morocco and the rest of the continent.

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