El Jadida - After the mass-massacre that was committed by a mentally ill patient in Sebt Sais, we now hear a lot of rising voices in Moroccan press asking questions on the infrastructure of mental health in Morocco. The minister of health, el Ouardi, combated for the closure of Bouya Omar because of the alleged inhuman conditions the mentally-ill patients lived in only to throw them in the cruel hands of a gloomy destiny. Newspaper reports come up with shocking figures and heart-tormenting accounts about the filthy conditions of some Moroccan mental hospitals, and the irresponsibility of some medical staff exhausted by the overwhelming number of patients, endeavouring to dispose of most of them to the streets in order to ease the crowded conditions of the asylums.

Local residents are seen standing outside the shrine of Bouya Omar, in the village of the same name, some 86 km east of Marrakesh, on March 20, 2014 (AFP Photo:Fadel Senna)