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Fez Among World’s 16 Best Gastronomical Cities

Fez Medina, the Gate of Boujloud. Photo by Morocco World News
Fez Medina, the Gate of Boujloud. Photo by Morocco World News

Rabat – Moroccan gastronomy is celebrated worldwide. The Telegraph ranked Fez the 15th best gastronomical city, followed by China’s Chengdu.

Hanoi, Vietnam topped the list, followed by Tokyo and London. The cities of Jaipur, New York, Mendoza, Bologne, Lyon, New-Orleans, Bangkok, Barcelona, Singapore, Copenhagen and Lima also appear in the list.

Bread is an essential component which is prepared every day and cooked in public stoves. In addition to the availability of various galettes and pancakes for breakfast, hot and fresh beverages (mint tea, flavored coffee, almond milk, beverages made with carrots or cucumber…). The most known meal among Fassis is sweet chicken with prunes.”

The Telegraph states that Fez’s gastronomy is characterized by sheep heads and various spices in a cuisine still dominated by local preference rather than touristic needs.

 “There are many great places to eat and also in which to take cookery classes, where you can learn to prepare classic Moroccan dishes such as harira soup, baghrir (Berber pancakes) and tagines,” the British publication says.

“The riad Palais Amani also runs a bread-making course. Maison Bleue offers a rich and traditional banquet of salads, tagines and couscous, to an eveneing soundtrack of local musicians,” it adds.

Another website, Dafina.net, notes that within that the context of different regional Moroccan gastronomy, “The Fassi gastronomy is characterized by the combination of sweet and salty food, the use of fruits and vegetables and spices such as cumin, cinnamon, mild red pepper, ginger, pepper, parsley, coriander but not chili pepper.

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