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Taroudant – Travel Resource has published a photo essay by its Editor Michael Bonocore highlighting images from his recent trip to Morocco. “50 Photos that Show the Colorful Adventures of Morocco” includes a variety of landscapes from across the country.

Describing his trip, Bonocore writes that he was “overwhelmed by the sites, sounds, scents, and tastes that Morocco provided.”

According to Digital Photography Review, a publication dedicated to digital camera reviews and digital imaging news, the photos range from “the clear nights with star-filled skies to the golden dunes of the Sahara.”

The same article described the photo-set as “an otherworldly experience.”

Morocco is a North African country marked by a diverse range of geographical features, including waterfalls, beaches, mountains and large sand dunes.

With its natural parks, old medinas and exotic locations in the desert, Morocco attracts tourists year-round and is often regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Camel excursion in Moroccan desert

Camel in Moroccan desert at night

Moroccan golden dunes in Merzouga

Moroccan golden dunes of Merzouga

Moroccan golden dunes of Merzouga1

Moroccan woman at a Mosque

Sky at night in Moroccan desert

the biggest Moroccan dune in Merzouga

Windy road of Moroccan tisdrin in Msemrir at night