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Hamid Chabat Refuses to Discuss Homosexuality and Heritage Laws

Hamid Chabat, Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party

By Myriam Ait Malk

Rabat – General Secretary of the Istiqlal Party (Independence Party) Hamid Chabat recently refused to discuss the issue of homosexuality or voice his opinion on heritage laws as he explained that the answers are “present in the Qur’an.”

During a conference organized by the Machoura Foundation, Hamid Chabat explained to the audience that the Istiqlal Party is based on “Islamic denotations.” Chabat further conflated religion and politics within the Istiqlal Party by saying “Anyone who is opposing Islam is also opposing the Istiqlal Party.”

When directly asked about his stance on sexual freedoms, homosexuality, or yet again the inequality of heritage laws, Chabat briefly answered, “I will not talk about the homosexual community because we are in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan.”

Hamid Chabat also explained his growing ties with the Justice and Development party (PJD) and the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS), stating according to Telquel: “Today, we have to bring the Koutla (coalition between three different parties) back to life and we are currently attempting to make that happen.”

According to Telquel, discussions around the Koutla agreement have already taken place and further decisions concerning it will take place during the upcoming Chamber of Counselors partial elections.

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