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Erdogan Calls on Turkish Citizens to Challenge Coup d’Etat

Rabat – Less than an hour after the attempted coup d’etat orchestrated by a branch of the Turkish military, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared on Turkish TV CNNTurk via FaceTime and called on Turkish citizens to challenge the coup attempt by gathering on streets and at airports.

Earlier on Friday night, the group the Turkish military that led the attempted coup released a statement announcing that it had taken over in the name of democratic order, adding that all existing foreign relations will continue and human rights will remain.

The military group leading the attempt have blocked all social media networks, according to Reuters.

“Turkey Blocks, a group that monitors internet shutdowns in the country, and Dyn, which monitors internet performance and traffic globally, both reported it was difficult or impossible to access social media services in Turkey.”

According to same source, Turkish state broadcaster TRT has gone off air in the last few minutes, Reuters reports. Earlier, soldiers reportedly took control of its offices and an announcer read out a statement declaring martial law.

As soon as the news of the military coup emerged, Turkish citizens who support the legitimate President turned out to the emblematic Taksim Square in Istanbul to challenge the coup d’etat.

AFP quoted the Turkish private Dogan news agency as saying that the military has deployed tanks outside the parliament building in Ankara.

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