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French-Moroccan Sues Tunisian Media for Mistaking His Picture for New Tunisian Minister

Anouar Maarouf

Rabat – Anouar Maarouf, a 29-year-old French-Moroccan living in France, has filed a lawsuit against Tunisian media after they mistakenly published his photo instead of a picture of the newly appointed Tunisian minister, who happens to have the same name. 

This decision arose after Maarouf discovered that Tunisian media had used his picture to introduce him along with his biography instead of the new Tunisian Minister of Technology and Digital Economy’s photo and biography.

In an interview with Al Yaoum24, Maarouf said that he has filed a lawsuit against the publications that used his picture.

Maarouf is a consultant in customer relations and an innovator at Orange. He told the French media that he received many congratulations this week from his friends on his new position within the Tunisian government.

“Last Monday, I received an email from a person who I do not know, congratulating me on my new job,” Maarouf said. “In April; I updated my job position on Orange. I was surprised, and that person told me that his father, who works for Orange in Tunisia had read that a newly employee at Orange [Maarouf] was appointed as a minister [in the Tunisian government].”

Maarouf became skeptical about the issue. He typed his name on Google and found that there were many online articles that had set the cover image as his own picture and used excerpts from his Linkedin account.

The Tunisian journalists, who have to provide the audiences with accurate information amid the anxious climate of elections in Tunisia, could not differentiate between the two characters.

Anouar Maarouf, Tunisia’s newly appointed Minister of Technology and Digital Economy, is a 47-year-old man. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and a vocational MA in Organization Change. From 2012 to 2013, the current minister was an Adviser to the Minister of Technology and Information.

Edited by Natalie Yazhary

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