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New Moroccan VP of Business Development for Never.no

Driss Sekkat

By Natalie Yazhary

Washington DC – Driss Sekkat, originally from Casablanca, Morocco, recently joined never.no as their Vice President of Business Development for the U.S. and the Middle East and North African region (MENA).

Sekkat is a media producer who has worked with multiple types of media platforms from around the world. In addition to winning many awards, some of his most notable accomplishments include working as an international member of ESPN’s “Sportscenter,” and on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

Driss’s career path thus far has shown a great deal of international growth. After being a part of ESPN’s launch team for the first international version of “Sportscenter,” it’s no surprise that Driss’s first partnership with never.no in 2011 helped spread their digital platform across the Middle-East.

According to the never.no website, Driss stated, ““I am so thrilled to be joining the never.no team. As a creator of TV content and formats across global markets, I look forward to bringing the STORY product to many more screens around the world.”

Additionally, Scott Davies, never.no’s CEO, stated, “We’re very excited and honoured to welcome Driss to never.no. Not only does he bring a fresh new attitude to the team, but also comes with a huge pedigree that will help partners maximise their use of STORY in traditional TV, digital & Promo productions, both from a practical and commercial point of view.”

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