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 Moroccan-born Minister Ridicules Sarkozy’s Ignorance of French History

RabatMoroccan-Born French Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research has ridiculed Nicolas Sarkozy’s ignorance of French history.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, French Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research, responded to Sarkozy’s statement that the Gallic people are the ancestors of the French.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France and republican 2017 presidential forerunner, made his controversial statement in Franconville, in Val-d’Oise.

In an interview posted to Youtube, itele’s TV anchor asked Vallaud-Belkacem about her point of view related to Sarkozy’s statement, where he revisited a phrase repeated in French history:

“If we want to become French, we speak French and live like a French…we require assimilation. When you become French, your ancestors are the Gallic People.”

The minister referred to a famous novel in the French culture that begins with the sentence, “Once upon a time, our country was called the Gaul and its inhabitants were called the Gallic people,” and said that real history rather than fiction should be taught to French children.

The minister continued, “We have to give Sarkozy classes in history because he clearly needs them.”

“Yes, the Gallic people are among our ancestors,” admitted the minister, but he added that other peoples are also ancestors of the French, like the Romans, Normans, and Arabs.

The minister lastly called politicians to “stop the discourse that will take us nowhere” that “extensively harms our country.”

According to the French daily newspaper, Le Figaro, Sarkozy also denounced “radical and political Islam,” and promised to be the president of the “national community” against “the tyranny of the minority.”

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