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Gay Moroccans Denied Asylum in Spain

Homophobia in Morocco: Gay or Straight, It’s Personal

CasablancaGay Moroccans seeking asylum in neighboring Spain have organized a sit-in in Melilia after having their applications denied.

In Spain, Moroccans seeking asylum have little chance of being admitted into the country. Moroccan publication Assabah reported on Thursday that the main reason for the denial of these applications seems to be their Moroccan nationality, despite having the support of various human rights groups. Not a difficult conclusion to make, since applications from asylum-seekers from other countries have been approved by Spanish authorities.

Some Gay Moroccans seeking asylum have been living in Melilia welcome centers for well over a year, hoping that their application will one day be accepted. 

In the past few days, after having been denied once again, they’ve taken organized a sit-in and to the streets to protest. Protestors accuse Spanish authorities, namely the minister of interior affairs, the department of labor and social security of discriminating against them and violating the Spanish constitution. 

Assabah also reported that the asylum-seekers consider going back home too dangerous, fearing prosecuted.

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