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US: Meet the Moroccan Digital Marketing Star Amine Bentahar

Casablanca – Amine Bentahar, Advantix Digital’s Chief Operating and Digital Officer, has a resume that many digital marketing executives could only aspire to.

On top of working for some of the most famous Fortune 500 companies, such as Hilton Worldwide and Microsoft, this Moroccan executive has had extensive experience launching and marketing E-commerce businesses. He previously worked as the head of E-commerce and marketing at the Apparel Group and, if that wasn’t impressive enough, also contributed largely to the success of the award-winning menswear site Enro.com.

Bentahar attributes his success to his extensive agency experience. “[I] had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple agencies, from boutique ones in Brooklyn to large ones in Dallas” he told the Forbes Agency Council, of which he is a member. Amine added, “My background has allowed me to know exactly the perfect agency model that delivers an incredible customer experience and ROI for clients.”

At Advantix Digital, the Texas-based four-time Google All-Star and Inc. 5000 digital marketing agency, Amine has the important role of Chief Operating and Digital Officer. He is a leader in one of the world’s fastest growing companies, offering an array of cutting edge marketing services.

When the Forbes Agency Council asked Bentahar  what keeps him creative and driven he answered, “I keep myself creative and driven by surrounding myself with talented and creative team members and clients. I also attend and speak at events about digital, startups and technology. In addition, I always find time every day to read. Last, I enjoy writing for our blog and sharing my thoughts about trends in our industry.”

But Bentahar is a lot more than just a successful digital marketing executive. On Advantix’s team page, he describes himself as a Moroccan, a globetrotter, a Real Madrid fan, a polyglot, and a soccer and tennis pro. It’s no coincidence that Morocco is at the top of that list.

Regardless of all of his success abroad, Bentahar  has not forgotten his roots. He recently co-founded “Brands of Morocco,” a corporation aiming to help Moroccan companies sell their products in the United States.

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