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Why Donald Trump’s Victory is the Best News for Morocco

Why Donald Trump’s Victory is the Best News for Morocco

Washington D.C. – While Little is  known about how president-elect Trump  will conduct his foreign policy, his  rhetoric and some of his campaign promises points to an American  isolationist policy focused  first and foremost on US interest.

Mr. Trump is not interested in advancing several of the democracy and self-determination ideals of his predecessors. He wants America’s allies to share the burden of their own security and prove their helpfulness to protecting American national security. These new diplomatic realities position Morocco to get closer to the new administration in Washington, if Rabat does its homework and play its cards right.

A Trump administration may finally appreciate Morocco’s long, continues and selfless support of American efforts in Africa and the Middle East. Not since Ronald Reagan had an American President recognized the extent of the Kingdom’s work and efforts to help the USA. If Moroccan officials can articulate their country’s key current and past efforts, they will collect what is past due in the form of unprecedented American backing.

Moroccan officials need to formulate their country’s intelligence and military cooperation with the United States in terms of a policy that protect America against threats.  Mr. Trump is looking for strong leaders who have a proven record fighting terrorism and supporting American interest. Therefore, the Kingdom should be a top nation receiving support from the new administration.

Because of series of weak and tepid Moroccan diplomatic presence in Washington and ineffectual Foreign Ministers in Rabat, the Kingdom has failed miserably in explaining to past American administrations the Kingdom’s role, efforts and achievements in advancing Washington’s agenda.

With the arrival of Trump, who seems to appreciate and reward the work of America’s friend and allies, Moroccan diplomats in Washington should have an easy task in garnering solid American backing of Morocco’s position on the Western Sahara dossier at the United Nations.

Given the security and political volatility in the Sahel and the Algerian Sahara, a Trump administration will be looking for long-standing governments like Morocco to keep stability. Thus, it will be easier for Moroccan diplomats to convince their American counterparts that the existence of an armed militia like the Polisario in a no man’s land not far from Europe where terror groups like Al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State are active is a danger to Washington.

Going with the spirit of the Trump campaign, Morocco will be asking for diplomatic backing only. Rabat will not need assistance from Washington to advance a stated goal of the new president, but rather political and diplomatic covers. Trump’s no nonsense approach to foreign affairs will not have a place for a so-called Sahrawi Republic that was created by a pro-Cuba Algerian military establishment in the 1970’s and was armed and backed by the most notorious anti-American figures of the 20th century. A tough-talking Republican will be harder on governments who may come across as not pro-American enough.

Many of Trumps Congressional supporters and some of his aids are known “anti- Chávezisimo”. As a result, if Moroccan officials succeed in exposing the anti-Americanism of the Polisario and its Algerian supporters, a Trump administration will likely be more sympathetic to Rabat’s positions.

In fact, recent visits by sworn American enemies from Bolivia, Equator and Venezuela to the Polisario camps in Algeria are evidence of the anti-Washington tendencies of the Polisario.

Since Mr. Trump has little foreign policy experience, observers are expecting him to rely heavily on his advisers. Consequently, Rabat must move away from focusing on the top of the government and move to advisers and staffers to explain and sell Morocco’s ideas. This is not to say that Trump will not manage his foreign policy, to the contrary he will have a lot of power in directing it with help from key aids.

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