Home Cuisine Marrakech to Stage ‘Dinner in the Sky’ this December

Marrakech to Stage ‘Dinner in the Sky’ this December

Marrakech to Stage ‘Dinner in the Sky’ this December

Rabat – Morocco’s red city, Marrakech, is set to stage a “banquet suspended” entitled “Dinner in Sky,” from December 27-30 at the Four Seasons.

The banquet’s mastermind, Reda Jebbrouni, is a Moroccan entrepreneur based in Germany. His ambitious and innovative plan involves suspending the dining facilities 50 meters above ground; “The event will take place on a stage suspended 50 metres in the air by a crane. The crane itself will hold one giant table weighing eight tons. The crane has the capacity to lift up to 120 tons so there is absolutely no risk,” Jebbrouni said

With respect to the goal of the event, Jebbrouni told Morocco World News, “The event is aimed at giving people a unique dining experience. We also aim to promote tourism and highlight Morocco as a developed country, with much to offer and a great deal of potential.”

The “Dinner in Sky” was organized for the first time in the history of Morocco in 2012 by beverage companies. However, this is the first time the event will be organized for the benefit of the public.

Each meal will cost MAD 2,200 for lunch and MAD 2,400 for dinner. Maximum number of seats available will be 22 and 90 minutes will be allotted for participants to enjoy their mid-air feast.

Jebbrouni continued, “We will also celebrate the New Year’s party in sky, showing the potentials of the Four Seasons to create an unforgettable experience.”

“The idea of the “Dinner in the Sky” was launched six years ago in Belgium and Germany by David Ghysels. 44 countries around the globe are currently organizing similar events, but we own exclusive rights to market it in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia,” Jebbrouni explained.

The “Dinner in Sky” is regarded as one of the best-known and most popular international culinary events. And has taken place in many renowned cities, including London, Paris, and New York, to great success.

Edited by Constance Guindon

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