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Video: Papi, I Want a Moroccan Husband This 2017

Oops she did it again! 

Manuela Lanza (aka “Husband Hunter”) is back in Morocco to accomplish her New Year’s resolution: marry a Moroccan man this 2017!

But be careful guys … this time she brings reinforcements: her father!

Since Manuela started to produce her own tv show “Husband Hunter” on YouTube, so far she has travelled and investigated men in Italy, Greece, Spain, England and Czech Republic , but she admits there’s something special about Morocco and Moroccan men.

In an interview with Morocco World News she explains what motivated her to create “Husband Hunter.”

“I’m a journalist and a traveller, I’ve always believed in learning from other cultures with an open mind, it enriches the soul, so why not using all this to find real love abroad? Maybe my destiny is being with a Moroccan man and the destiny of a Moroccan woman is being with an Italian man … so go and tell her to watch my Italian men episode (laugher). I’m aware not everyone has the means to travel, that’s why my videos are like small windows to other cultural (and love) realities”

When asked why she came back to Morocco she replied, “Morocco is a magic country, the colours, landscapes, the food… wow… and I observed that Moroccan men have strong family values and are amazing fathers, compared to European men, who incresingly don’t want to get married or have kids, or at least that’s my experience, Eurostat also shows evidence that there are less and less marriages in Europe. You can also watch my Italian men to learn about this “commitment phobia” that some European men have.”

Answering the question of why she came back to Morocco with her father, Manuela explains that “let’s be honest, when it comes to find a good husband… papi’s opinion carries A LOT of weight, so if I get my father to pick my man with me, that’s a win win situation, right? (laugher).”

“My father is a special character, we both are adventurous and a “bit” crazy, shooting this “Husband Hunter” episode with him was so much fun! I hope you’ll enjoy it. Moroccan men, you can thank me later, when you’ll get floods of women coming to your country (laughter),” she added.

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