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Benkirane: Istiqlal Party’s Exclusion from  Government Serves Morocco’s Interest


Rabat – Following the news that the Istiqlal Party (IP) would be excluded from Morocco’s government coalition, Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane said, “The country’s interest requires the decision [to exclude the IP from the government] to be made.”

During a press conference held Thursday after the end of the Justice and the Development Party’s (PJD) meeting, Benkirane lauded the determination of the IP to support the government despite their exclusion.

Benkirane noted that “the IP understood the decision of excluding it from the government.”

“The exclusion of the IP serves the interest of Morocco,” Benkirane continued. “The IP’s members understand this. They issued an excellent communiqué after their national council meeting, showing that their priority is the country’s interest.”

Benkirane went on to add that “the IP’s Secretary, Hamid Chabat, was with us [during initial deliberations], but his latest statements [against Mauritania] had strong repercussions.”

“This fallout prompted us to revise the composition of the coalition government,” Benkirane said. “The PJD’s General Secretariat had stressed the importance of forming a government with parties that had participated in the last government. We would have worked with the other parties, if it was not for Chabat’s unfortunate statements.”

Regarding his ties with the IP, Benkirane said, “I will inform the IP’s members about the two parties’ ties following their decision to support the government.”

Benkirane went on to note that his last meeting with the Secretary General of the National Rally of Independents Party (RNI), Aziz Akhannouch, was successful and that he is “expecting his response within the next two days.”

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