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Istanbul Attack: Moroccan Nassima Raji Returns to Morocco

RabatNassima Raji, the young Moroccan woman who suffered a head wound duringthe terrorist attack on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, has left the hospital. Raji is on her way hometo Morocco and is scheduled to arrive Wednesday, according to Le 360.

“After an eleven-day stay in hospital and two surgeries, doctors have issued a certificate confirming that Nassima Raji is safe and recovering satisfactorily,” a well-informed source was quoted by Le360 as saying.

The same source goeson to add that “doctors were hopeful about the state of Nassima’s health on Tuesday after she regained consciousness and began breathing on her own, eating and speaking from time to time.”

Le360 is also confirming that the doctors working on her case remain very confident in Raji’s recovery from the partial paralysis currently afflicting the right side of her body. “Currently, Nassima can follow her medical treatment in Morocco and keep normally living her life as we hope,” her Turkish physicians are quoted as having said.

Accompanied by her siblings and mother, Nassima will arrive at the Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca at 7:00 pm,according to the source, who went on to add “the crisis cell implemented in Istanbul under the authority of the Moroccan ambassador, Menouar Alem, is investing all its efforts to insure that Nassima makes it home in the best condition.”

At the time of the attack, victims were transported to Istanbul hospitals for treatment.  It was shortly thereafter that Moroccans learned of the post-attack status of six citizens, including4 injured and two dead, in a statement presented by Moroccan representatives in Turkey.

Last Friday, while attending the funerals of the two Moroccan girls who perished in the attack, Turkish ambassador to Morocco, AdhanBarkan Oz, said “the injured Moroccans are undergoing treatment in Turkey and are in stable condition.”

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