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Cristiano Ronaldo to Buy Hotel in Casablanca

Cristiano Ronaldo to Buy Hotel in Casablanca
Ronaldo at the opening of his Pestana CR7 hotel in Funchal/ Courtesy: GETTY

Rabat – Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo is planning to buy a hotel in Casablanca, Morocco’s economy capital, reported the Moroccan daily newspaper Akhbar on Thursday.

According to a well-informed but unnamed source, Al Akhbar reported that the hotel is located in Ain Diab Corniche district next toone of the giant shopping centers in Casablanca.

The same source went on to add that the hotel is a part of a series of hotels that Ronaldo has inaugurated across the world.

The hotel’s name might be changed to correspond to Ronaldo’s hotel group, said the source, who added that that this deal is “still confidential” and even the administration of the hotel does not know about the hotel’s new owner.

According to the source, the hotel is renowned in Casablanca and receives tourists from all over the world, with the cost of one night sometimes exceeding MAD 4000.

In March 2016, Morocco World News reported that Ronald would build the first first-class African hotel for international celebrities in Marrakech. The hotel’s complex includes a store for Ronaldo’s brand CR7, his first fashion outlet in Africa.

Ronaldo is also planning to inaugurate four hotels in the Spanish island of Ibiza. He is reportedly determined to become a businessman after he was ranked in 2016 the highest paid sportsman with annual revenues estimated at more than 82 million euros, followed by Barcelona’s Lionel Messi with 75 million euros.

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