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Behind the Scenes at ‘Allied’ 1940s Casablanca

By Alexander Jusdanis

Rabat – A video released by Parade Magazine on Tuesday gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes on the Casablanca set of the 2016 film “Allied,” which begins in World War II-era Morocco.

The clip shows Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt, who play a French resistance fighter and a Canadian spy, sitting down at a cafe in the Casablanca medina surrounded by camels, fruit vendors, and white stone gates.

In the video, Cotillard expresses her astonishment at the “very, very impressive” realism of the set, which captured “all of the details. Even the smells were really amazing.”

“We really believed, even though we were inside, that we were outside in the streets of Casablanca.”

Executive producer Jack Rapke says in the clip that one feels a “perfect blend between the reality that you’re looking at and the post-production wizardry,” referring to production designer Gary Freedman’s combination of green screen technology with more tangible elements, such as live animals and historically accurate architectural facades.

The wartime romantic thriller, which starred Cotillard and Pitt as spies who fall in love during an assassination plot in Casablanca, was released in November 2016.

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